About Red Radiology

We are described as our referrers “Personal Radiology Department”.

At Red it takes up to five different people to complete one study.

We know that delivering a high performance team is critical to you having a positive experience. Our team members have years of training, discipline and commitment. We have spent years fine tuning our ability to bring the right people together who value being part of the “Red Family”. 

Anybody who joins Red learns that it is the “heart” of our team that truly makes the difference.  We can’t explain it. It is something you have to experience.

Our Radiologists cannot watch shows like ER, House or Grey’s Anatomy.   They have a tendency to diminish the complexity of medicine (and there is undue pressure to look like Dr McDreamy).  Radiologists are at the pointy end of determining a diagnosis. They complete a minimum of 11 years of training even before they get started in this specialist area of medicine.  

There may never be a TV show called “Radiology in the Suburbs”, but it is where most of the more interesting and challenging cases are found. This makes it essential that we bring you specialist doctors your referrer can trust. 

What is even more important is…Red Radiologists are really nice guys.  Why is that important?  It means they are approachable, accessible and are able to have relationships that build confidence with your referrer and the team. At Red we believe that safe and open communication is good medicine.